Visit Cerrejón

More than 19,000 people from across Colombia and the world visit Cerrejón throughout the year to learn about the coal mining process in one of the world’s largest open pit coal mines. Learn the details of this visit and how to enjoy this experience.

The Tour

You will enjoy of a guided tour in an air-conditioned bus that will take you to the viewpoint of one of Cerrejón’s active production pits and to a backfill area where you can witness the land reclamation process. The tour takes about two hours.

Visitors Centre

At Cerrejón Visitors Centre you will be able to find snacks. Also, upon request and in coordination with the contact person for your visit, there is also the option of lunch service.

If you want a souvenir of your visit, at our Visitors Centre you will be able to buy different types of crafts, mainly of La Guajira’s native Wayuu culture.

Schedule your visit

For more information about scheduling your visit please send an email to

or call:
Phone (+57 - 5) 350-5705
Mobile: (+57 - 3) 318-349-6999

Admissions and tourist packages

Touirst: COP 16,000 per person
Children under 12: COP 5,000 per person
Students: COP 12,000 per person
Employees / family members: COP 10,000 per person

La Guajira Schools: COP 160,000
Outter Department Schools: COP 200,000
La Guajira Universities: COP 170,000
Outter Department Universities: COP 250,000

Payment, directly within the facilities to representatives properly identified as members of tWopushüwa Visitor Centre.


There are 3 daily tours at 7:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m.

Safety Tips

For Cerrejón safety is a value. That's why upon arrival at the Visitor Center you will receive a series of safety recommendations to be applied at all times during the trip.
For your comfort and safety, you should meet the following guidelines for admission:

  • Must be at least 12 years old or have a minimum height of 1.45 m (4’9’’).
  • Must present a valid ID.
  • Wear comfortable closed shoes. Avoid using open-toed shoes, heels or sandals.
  • Wear long trousers. Bermudas, shorts or skirts are not allowed in the mining area.
  • The use of safety goggles and a hard hat is mandatory in areas indicated by the guide. These will be supplied as a loan by our Visitors Centre.

Our Location

Cerrejón mining complex is located nearby the municipality of Albania, between the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Serranía del Perija in La Guajira eastern region.

Getting Here

Testimonials from some of our visitors

The reclamation of ecosystems is an interesting example

Álvaro Cabrera, Biology teacher at Uniguajira – Riohacha, Colombia

The work of Cerrejón is viable and it is a privilege being able to witness it

Camila Cabrera student at UPB – Bucaramanga, Colombia

My impression is that it is an excellent mine and above all, they are committed to the environment and workers safety.

José Jorge Santodomingo Jiménez Santa Marta, Colombia

Cerrejón is a wide organisation with excellent customer service, its security measures are top notch.

Diana Marcela Socarras Varela Santa Marta, Colombia

I liked it; the tour was very interesting and enjoyable. To be honest, I was amazed by Cerrejón’s facilities.

Angie Daniela Rocha Santa Marta, Colombia

I found there is good visitors’ service and that the mine is very well organised.

Lizbeth Johana Gómez Arias Santa Marta, Colombia

It was very pleasant to find in La Guajira an environmentally clean space, despite the weather, it was harmonious and refreshing.

Nelba León Cáceres, Bogotá

I was impressed by the way they do environmental Management; procedures are followed very rigorously and with attention to detail.

Luis Fernando Diaz, San Juan del Cesar

An excellent tour, for the safety procedures they follow. The guide’s talk was very good.

Jineth Lorena Leguizamón - Bogotá, Colombia