Cerrejón declared to merit a special award in the Andesco prize for CSR


June 30 of 2017. 

Cerrejón has been granted a special award for superlative performance in the category of Another Sector of the National Economy during the awards ceremony for the Andesco Prize for corporate responsibility.

 Mauricio López, Andesco’s Technical vice president, noted that this was a special recognition for Cerrejón’s excellent management in corporate social responsibility (CSR). The award was presented by Sergio Londoño, director of the Colombian Presidential Agency for International Cooperation (APC, its initials in Spanish).

 In addition to this significant recognition, Cerrejón was included as a finalist in the five categories for Best Environment: work, market, social, environmental, and corporate governance.

 The Andesco Prize for CSR is an award given to Colombian firms for their efforts in social responsibility, including social, environmental, and economic aspects inherent to sustainable development. 

 The prize this year had as a theme the Sustainable Development Goals. Of the 233 national companies that participated, 56 competed in the same category as Cerrejón (Company from Another Sector of the National Economy). 

“To be given this special award in such an important national prize is a cause for pride and satisfaction. It recognizes our people, more than 12,000 persons who are part of Cerrejón. For 30 years, our company has striven hard to mine responsibly, in accordance with the highest social and environmental standards. This award raises our commitment to continue working as a partner for the development and progress of La Guajira, the region that has welcomed our operations all these years. And we will do it by improving our engagement with all the communities near our operations,” indicated Carlos Franco, manager of Social Dialogue at Cerrejón, upon receiving the award.

 The 2017 jury included, among others: Cecilia Rodríguez (former minister for the Environment), Gabriel Vallejo (former minister for the Environment), Eduardo Behrentz (vice chancellor for development at the University of the Andes), Ricardo Lozano (CEO at People and Earth), Santiago Madriñán (executive director at Cecodes), Leonor Esguerra (director of Valor Compartido at the Bogota Chamber of Commerce), Edgar Cataño (Colombian director of the UN office for regional development – UNCRD), Ximena Barrera (director of Public Policies and Corporate Responsibility at the WWF), and Manuel Guzmán (director of the Latin American Network for Education on Adaptation to Climate Change. 

 The Andesco Prize was monitored by Crowe Horwath and is verified by the Global Compact Colombian Network.