February 16, 2018

Cerrejón signs the “Somos Pares” (“We are Equal”) pact for gender equality in Colombia

Cerrejón and 31 more companies in Colombia signed the “Somos pares” (“We are Equal”) Pact by which they commit to promoting initiatives in favour of gender equality within their organizations, as well as along their chain of value, and to sharing knowledge and good practices regarding this issue.

These companies make up the PAR COMMUNITY, the first business network promoting gender equality in Colombia, which was launched at an event held yesterday in Bogotá with more than 200 persons in attendance. The COMMUNITY, promoted by the firm, Aequales, understands gender equality as an organization-wide strategy, which is reflected in social, economic, and financial benefits.

“Mining has historically been an activity performed mainly by men. Cerrejón is committed to gender equality and, therefore, jsut in 2017, 41.2% of the professional staff hired was female,” stated Roberto Junguito Pombo, CEO of Cerrejón, who signed the “Somos pares” Pact on behalf of the company.

The COMMUNITY recognizes the gaps between men and women in the workplace and is willing to work to close them. In the case of Cerrejón, the company is focused on including women and helping them adapt to operational areas, occupied mainly by men, by accompanying and supporting them to reinforce their skills, and facilitating social and work-related adaptation, growth, and personal development. In these areas, Cerrejón has remodeled the facilities to enable women to perform operational tasks, for example, by providing restrooms exclusively for them, and has also generated a bank of temporary positions for cases of high-risk pregnancy to ensure optimal development during this stage.

The entities associated with the PAR COMMUNITY participate voluntarily in the Organizations’ Gender Equality Ranking, by which gender equality and diversity are measured annually and free of charge in Colombia and Peru. Companies belonging to the network have started working to improve their indicators based on this measurement.

The PAR COMMUNITY seeks to become a benchmark in gender equality in Colombia, promoting it at all levels of leadership within the organization and promoting the exchange of good practices regarding this issue.