August 8, 2018

Conservation Workshops, a Commitment for the Recovery of Ecosystem Services

Cerrejón and the Cerrejón Foundation successfully completed one of the training days focused on the conservation of the microbasins of the Bruno and Pupurema creeks. The goal was to provide knowledge about tools for aiding the recovery and conservation of the environmental services of the Bruno and Pupurema creek microbasins.

Representatives of La Horqueta, Campo Herrera, Charito, Cerrejón 1, Coveña, Río de Janeiro, Pitulumana ll, and Tigre Pozo in the municipality of Albania, and the ALCEBA Association of the municipalities of Hatonuevo and Barrancas, actively participated.  “It is our responsibility to take care of Mother Earth. Therefore, these types of workshops in which we not only learn, but also exchange experiences with other communities are something I feel to be important,” states Luzmila Epiayú, an ALCEBA representative.

During the day, the members of the local committees analysed the weaknesses, strengths, and improvement opportunities in order to implement actions that could strengthen community work. For their part, the panelists discussed environmental legislation, wildlife and plant life protection, and a proposed analysis regarding the assessment of environmental costs.

“Biodiversity is fundamental for our subsistence. This is an ecosystem threatened both in Colombia and in the world, and in La Guajira, we have a tropical dry forest that we must conserve and maintain. The call is to become aware that we are part of this mission,” proposes Daniel Dávila, a vegetation cover analyst in Cerrejón’s Environmental Management Department.

Together with the communities, four community commercial and reforestation nurseries have been completed, where 20 thousand plants of native species have been grown. In addition, 30 preliminary conservation agreements have been established, which will contribute to the recovery of riparian buffer zones, the conservation of environmental services, and the strengthening of community capabilities in the region.