November 30, 2018

December 1, World (fight against) AIDS Day

For thirty (30) years, the World Health Organization has celebrated the World (fight against) AIDS Day, with the purpose of raising global awareness on this serious illness.  Under the campaign motto “Know your condition”, this year all persons are invited to consult and take periodical examinations to know their serological status with respect to HIV and their virus load.

In the world, 37 million people live with AIDS (the highest number so far); the most vulnerable group to contract a disease is “adolescents and young people”.  At country level, there is record of 82,856 persons infected and 86 new cases were reported this last year in the State of La Guajira.

Let us remember that the HIV can be transmitted through unprotected sexual relations with an infected person, the transfusion of contaminated blood, or the shared use of needles, syringes or other sharp instruments.  Likewise, although with lower frequency, from mother to child during the pregnancy, in birth or through maternal breastfeeding.