May 10, 2019

GuajirAVE, a tribute to La Guajira’s biological diversity

Colombia is known worldwide for having the highest bird diversity globally, with over 1,900 species inhabiting in this country. Since 2015, a citizen’s science initiative called Global Big Day (GBD) has been held around the world to raise awareness of the importance of bird conservation. On May 2, Cerrejón launched a photography contest for amateurs and professionals alike — GuajirAVE. This contest is an invitation for everyone to take pictures of the majesty of these species in addition to showcasing bird diversity and promoting conservation of the birds inhabiting La Guajira.

Photographs must be sent to by May 22 of 2019 and must meet the contest terms and conditions. Awards will be given to photos ranked the best by the jury. Anyone over the age of 18 and native to or living in the department of La Guajira may participate with images illustrating the beauty and majesty of birds in regional ecosystems or landscapes. There are two categories: Cardenal Guajiro for amateurs and Flamingos for professionals.

The contest will award the top three entries in the two categories. Participants may enter up to three photographs on the topic. They must guarantee that the images are their own and have not won any previous contests or been used for commercial purposes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to demonstrate through the powerful medium of photography how human beings and flora and fauna can co-exist respectfully and amiably on our planet, promoting the conservation of natural resources, biodiversity protection, and raising awareness of this topic.