May 13, 2019

Cerrejón rejects threats against Igor Diaz, a member of Sintracarbon’s National Board

The company calls on the authorities to take all preventive measures for his protection and to carry out the necessary investigations to clarify this situation

Cerrejón has been informed that this past Saturday, May 11, a pamphlet was circulated in which threats were made against various workers in the mining sector including Mr. Igor Díaz, a worker at Cerrejón and member of the National Board of Sintracarbón, the National Trade Union of Coal Industry Workers.

This company, under the framework of its Human Rights Policy, roundly rejects that even today union activity is seen as a threat to business management. As a company that respects freedom of association, Cerrejón stands with Mr. Igor Díaz and supports the union activity that he and his companions practice, and calls upon the police authorities, the Ministry of the Interior and  the National Protection Unit to make the corresponding risk analysis and provide all the necessary preventive measures to safeguard his life and physical integrity. Additionally, we request that the Attorney General’s office move forward diligently and promptly in the corresponding investigations to clarify these threats. Cerrejón will accompany Mr. Diaz to make sure the preventive measures to help him are implemented.

Likewise, Cerrejón stands in solidarity with the workers from the other companies, Drummond and Prodeco, also mentioned in this pamphlet, and we repeat the request made previously by Mr. Guillermo Fonseca, President of Cerrejón, where he has called for “these attacks and threats to stop, allowing the defence of rights in the regions to be carried out freely and safely.”