August, 13

Cerrejón announces further donation of more than $671.320 USD in medical supplies to four hospitals in La Guajira


The Colombian government has again extended the national quarantine due to COVID-19 and in response to the sustained health emergency in La Guajira, Cerrejón will deliver 418 additional medical supplies and equipment worth $671.320 USD that will strengthen the regional response of first and second level hospitals in the municipalities of Albania, Barrancas, Hatonuevo, Maicao and Uribia. The equipment being donated includes: 21 vital signs monitors; eight cardiac arrest carts; 30 sensory organ devices; 30 nebulizers; 1 defibrillator; 2 portable aspirators; 2 electrocardiographs; 15 Doppler ultrasounds; 15 infusion pumps; 36 blood pressure monitors; 7 wheelchairs; and, 40 stretchers, among others. The need of these machines and devices were identified by city councils, and reflect the individual needs of each municipality.

In addition, 3,500 rapid testing kits will be delivered to the government of La Guajira and to municipalities in the department with the objective of early detection and improved management of local and community transmission: these rapid tests identify whether a person may be in an early stage of the illness or if they have antibodies. A follow-up PCR test will confirm whether the person has COVID-19. In addition to these testing kits, Cerrejón will provide a technical paper prepared by the University of the Andes to assist the municipal health departments to administer these tests correctly.

Rapid testing will determine for whom PCR molecular tests should be carried out at the laboratory Cerrejon is donating to La Guajira. This laboratory is currently being installed in Hospital San José de Maicao and will be operational in mid-August 2020.

In addition, 100,000 washable masks, alcohol sanitiser and antibacterial soap will be distributed to more than 12,000 families from approximately 400 communities neighbouring the operation: this is an integral part of the strategy to control and contain the virus.

Since the beginning of the health emergency in Colombia, Cerrejón has redoubled its efforts to support La Guajira during this challenging time. To date, $2.550M USD have been invested in the distribution of more than 15 million litres of drinking water, 50,000 mercados (parcels containing food and hygiene products) have been given to indigenous communities; 95 water storage tanks have reached vulnerable families and about 220,000 medical supplies have been donated to hospitals in the region.