August 25

Cerrejón remains open to dialogue despite Sintracarbon vote to strike

Cerrejón respects the workers’ decision to opt for a strike after completing the direct negotiation phase that started in July 14th. Cerrejón has made what it believed to be a very reasonable offer in the light of the challenging situation that the company faces and considerate of our employees labour rights and well-being.

The benefits that the company offers to workers exceed USD $ 45.5M per year, on top of salaries or legal benefits, highlighting that the salary of Cerrejón workers is between 2 and 6 times the legal monthly minimum wage, while 85% of the employed population in Colombia earn up to 2 times the current legal monthly minimum wages.

The offer maintains the excellent economic benefits that the company offers to each worker, such as:

An average subsidy of ~89% of the complementary medicine plan (additional to the mandatory plan established by Colombian law) for the worker and their family. In Colombia, only around 3% of the population benefit from a complementary medicine plan.
Assistance for university studies up to USD 3,000 per semester, without limit on the number of children, and covering on average 96% of the costs of the university education, in addition to scholarships and other academic aid for workers and their children.
Access to housing loans, with interest rates more than 60% below those offered in the Colombian market.
A one-time bonus of around USD 1,500 for signing the Collective Bargaining Agreement (currently 6.3 times the monthly minimum legal wage in Colombia).
Benefits are also provided to Sintracarbón to carry out their union activities, such as 5,202 days of paid leave and financial aid.
More than 70 benefits are offered in addition to benefits required by Colombian law.

Cerrejón respects freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining and the right to go on strike, and calls on Sintracarbon to continue constructive dialogue in search of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement that will give workers, their families and La Guajira continued well-being, while at the same time ensure the survival, sustainability and competitiveness of Cerrejón.