October 31, 2018

27 Councilmen of La Guajira finish training cycle

Together with such entities as the Office of the General Comptroller of La Guajira and the National Planning Department, Cerrejón and its Foundation finished the training cycle that was given to 27 councilmen of the Barrancas, Hatonuevo, Manaure, Albania and Riohacha municipalities, who, thanks to their dedication, responsibility and efforts attended the training given in follow-up and assessment of development plans, political marketing, budget management, and political control.

Qualified by the participants as a total success, the process was developed in four modules approaching the subjects under question, which were previously agreed-upon and elected by the councilmen.  The sessions developed also allowed knowing the IT tools that the National Government provides and hands-on, in-situ exercises to follow-up and evaluate the municipalities’ development plans; to acquire skills to exercise fiscal and participation control, as well as in budget management with emphasis in public spending.

Likewise, a Political Marketing module was taught by José Penso, subject-matter-expert, international speaker, where the attended received the necessary notions to learn to communicate their management through media and messages that allow establishing constant and effective empathy with the citizenry.

“This event held by Cerrejón and its Foundation, is to be applauded considering that it will help potentialize the knowledge of the honorable councilmen, providing them with tools to face the day-to-day life where we have the mission to take development to our municipalities.  Having been able to be united in these training sessions you have attended will give us better understanding amongst the mayors and the councilmen, because, this allows clarifying many issues”, said Pablo Parra, Mayor of Albania.

“I feel very thankful with this training process, which has led us to build among us better capacities both institutionally and personally.  The truth is that these spaces contribute to the institutional strengthening of the entire La Guajira, especially of its people, who want to work from the sole objective of creating wellbeing for everyone; today we are setting a different story, improving the State and in that function, all of us are called not only to participate, but to love and put our hearts in everything we do”, said Yoel Manjarrez, councilmen of the Municipality of Barrancas.

Cerrejón and its Foundation shall continue to promote this type of spaces for strengthening, that allow providing public officials of the State with tools targeted to strengthening the instruments and skills that allow contributing to the foundations of sound bases for the construction of the future of La Guajira.