July 6, 2016

60 community leaders strengthen their skills in managing projects and resources to benefit their communities

Members of the 4 de Noviembre Indigenous Reservation, the Santa Fé Farmers Cooperative, and the community of El Rocío attended a seminar on Principles of Planning, Organization, and Leadership held at the Hotel Waya Guajira. It was organized by the Cerrejón Foundation for Institutional Strengthening in La Guajira with the goal of strengthening skills in participating communities. It was taught by the Norte University.

Jorge Segundo Uriana, a member of the community of Cerrejón 1 from the 4 de Noviembre
Indigenous Reservation, stated after the workshop, "I think these training sessions are important because they are an essential contribution to the development and organization of the communities as they enrich and strengthen the communities’ work dynamics”.
The sessions are part of the project Skills Development in Project Planning and Self-Administration of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Communities in the Area of Influence in order to empower them in meeting their needs. Over 60 people from communities belonging to the Albania Indigenous Association AIWA, the Traditional Authorities Association AIWA, and the Santa Fé Farmers Cooperative have been trained.

“Every day we have to progress on the methodology applied to the communities so they feel and see that leadership and a leader’s work strengthen our community from within,” stated Diomedes Galván, leader of the community of Río de Janeiro in the 4 de Noviembre Indigenous Reservation.

With this type of instruction, the Foundation aims to create high-quality training sessions to provide community organizations with useful tools to contribute to establishing common goals for better functionality in the community, and for their leadership to influence the internal dynamics to have a purposeful attitude towards their well-being and meeting their needs.

Through our Foundations System, Cerrejón continues forging partnerships with communities to empower them and provide them with the necessary tools so they can have more governance of their resources and exercise effective leadership in their settlements.