October 31, 2018

An Inspiring Guajira, a Surprising Guajira (Guajira Sorprendente)

By: Lina M. Echeverri, Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications

Currently, La Guajira concentrates the attention of entrepreneurs around the world, and at the same time it is the protagonist of a spectacular campaign to promote tourism towards its 15 municipalities.

Through the “Guajira Sorprendente” campaign jointly developed with the Office of the Governor of La Guajira, we want to expose to Colombia and the world the stories, culture,  minerals, music, gastronomy, biodiversity, and landscapes that make of this State a unique and captivating territory. The impressive beaches of Palomino located south of La Guajira, the turquoise waters of Cabo de la Vela, the Forestry Reserve Montes de Oca located between Albania and Maicao, the Sanctuary of Flamingos in Riohacha, the bathing resorts of the Jérez river in Dibulla and the Ranchería river in Fonseca; the shrimp rice in Manaure, the Arab food in Maicao or the traditional “friche” (fried goat) in Uribia; the beauty of Wayuu handicrafts; the possibility of practicing extreme sports; and the “vallenato” tradition of San Juan, Urumita and Villanueva, are only part of the marvels that its 15 municipalities can offer.

Likewise, within the framework of the SingularityU Colombia Summit, an initiative of Singularity University, created by scientists and thinkers to promote innovation, leadership and learning, it will be carried out the Surprising Guajira Challenge (“Reto Guajira Sorprendente”). It invites entrepreneurs, leaders, scientists and engineers to receive tools to transform social entrepreneurship or businesses ideas into global-scale solutions, making use of creativity and exponential technologies.  This initiative, supported by Universidad EAN, iNNpulsa Colombia and Cerrejón, seeks to promote solutions around the main challenges and opportunities that the State has, related to: reforestation, water, energy, health, connectivity and transportation, agriculture, and the cultural and creative industries.

Those entrepreneurs who want to participate in the challenge and meet enrolment requirements, can present solutions that positively impact the quality of life of La Guajira’s inhabitants until November 12. Additionally, tickets to attend to the SingularityU Colombia Summit and take advantage of the exchange of experiences and proposals around the country and la Guajira can be purchased through “Primera Fila”.

In Cerrejón, we feel very pleased having La Guajira as the protagonist of proactive dialogues about its potentialities, achieving that innovative individuals and organizations can propose solutions to its challenges and that, each time, more people around the world can appreciate and value this enchanting, magic and diverse land that has embraced our operations during three decades.

We invite you to enjoy and promote this first – out of fifteen – video that conform this campaign.