September 2. 2014

Cerrejón Loads First 20,000 Tonnes of Coal from New Pier at Puerto Bolivar

After 29 years of operation with a dock and a direct shiploader, a milestone was accomplished in the history of Cerrejón with the first load of 20,000 tonnes of coal from the new coal pier.

In line with the rigorous standards of safety and environment that characterise Cerrejón, the ship Poseidon began loading on August 28 at 1:10 pm and smoothly finished on the morning of Saturday, August 30. The operation was led by the teams of P-40 project and Cerrejón Marine Operations.

P-40 project includes increasing capacity of the mine, rail and port to achieve exports of 40 million tonnes per year when the conditions of the company and the market so require.
The project’s main work at port, was building a new pier featuring a dual shiploader to expand loading capability, making simultaneous use of both shiploaders when required, using innovative processes and technology.

During the project 1,350 jobs were created at Puerto Bolívar and 450 at the mine, including 80 members of indigenous communities in the area of influence. It also had the support of more than 10 major national and international contractors and other small providers across the country, including of course La Guajira.

With the second pier, built within budget, Cerrejón reiterates commitment to meeting the goals, the highest standards of quality and maintenance of best environmental and social practices, which promote the sustainability of the Company for the welfare and economic and social development of La Guajira and the country.