June 09

Cerrejón committed to implementing Guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in communities

Cerrejón is strongly committed to preventing contagion of COVID-19 not only in its workforce but also in local communities. We have developed guidelines which establish clear protocols and use of personal protective measures to ensure workers and contractors take all the necessary actions required to mitigate transmission at the operation and while engaging with communities. In particular, we have developed a unique Community Engagement Guidelines which details measures to be adhered to during all engagement with local communities, especially during the delivery of humanitarian aid.

The Community Guide and protocols are based on the five health pillars or behaviours embedded across the operation: (i) monitoring the health status of all of our employees; (ii) social distancing; (iii) controls and overcrowding; (iv) disinfection and cleaning of facilities and equipment; and, (v) personal protection measures and mandatory training in health and hygiene standards.

Prior to the delivery of all humanitarian aid, Cerrejón staff contact the leaders of each community to outline the preventative measures which must be followed such as having one family member attend to receive these packages, reminding them that no one over 70 years, children or people with higher-risk medical conditions should participate. Prior to delivery, Cerrejón staff follows a comprehensive checklist of additional measures to be implemented which includes rechecking the health status of the people involved; thorough vehicle and material disinfection between community visits; and, availability of protective masks and disinfectants. When distributing these aid packages, social distancing of two meters is maintained, hygiene items are readily available (hand sanitizer) and all people must wear face masks. To strengthen community resilience to COVID-19, health and hygiene advice is distributed in Wayuunaiki, thereby raising awareness of the importance of adopting preventive measures.

It is important to highlight that all personal engagement activities with communities have been suspended, except for those relating to humanitarian aid. Meetings between employees, contractors or business partners and ethnic and non-ethnic communities are postponed until government quarantine restrictions are relaxed.

The Community Guide, which can be found here https://bit.ly/2TPHgpH, incorporates the requirements and recommendations as advised by the Colombian health authorities as well as voluntary measures which go beyond legal requirements.

For more information, please click on the video link https://youtu.be/X01HwRbbxFw