November 29, 2019

Cerrejón informs

After more than 48 hours of the railway and main entrance to Puerto Bolívar being blocked by members of the Sarrutsira indigenous community from the Media Luna area, and as a result of efforts made by Cerrejón and the authorities to engage in constructive dialogue with the community, an agreement was peacefully reached.

Access for the staff who work at the port and normal activities were resumed without any restrictions.

At Cerrejón, it is a priority to promote and respect the human rights of our employees, contractors and neighbouring communities. The company believes, and has repeatedly expressed, our commitment to the Traditional Authorities and leaders in Sarrutsira in building dialogue based on respecting different opinions and points of view. Likewise, we again wish to state that we reject unlawful acts as a mechanism to resolve differences and encourage strengthening alliances with the inhabitants of the communities.