May 6 of 2020

Cerrejón provides logistical support to the regional government for the trasnportation of 24.000 boxes foodstuffs to La Guajira

576 school kits donated by the Ministry of Education were also delivered to students in the municipality of Uribia.

Cerrejón is supporting the regional government with the transportation of over 24,000 boxes of foodstuffs that will benefit the communities of La Guajira. These food items were requested of the president by the regional government as humanitarian aid in response to the emergency caused by COVID-19.

“Last Friday, the regional government called on us for aid in transporting these boxes of foodstuffs, and Cerrejón’s response was immediate. From that moment, we concentrated on providing the logistics, which has allowed the first of these boxes offoodstuffs to reach the department and the others to follow in a few days, benefiting those people needing this support” , stated Juan Carlos García Otero, manager of Social Affairs at Cerrejón.

In addition to the transportation of these boxes of foodstuffs, Cerrejón is supporting the Ministry of Education with the land transportation of 576 school kits from Riohacha to the offices of the Uribia Board of Education. These kits will be delivered to Wayuu
students at six ethno-educational institutions in the municipality’s rural zone.


During this emergency, Cerrejón has demonstrated its continued commitment to La Guajira with an investment of six billion pesos to distribute 25,000 boxes of foodstuffs
amongst ethnic communities in lockdown, deliver up to 240,000 litres of drinking water a day to the regional government, and donate medical supplies to La Guajira’s hospitals so they are prepared to face COVID-19.