Albania, March 23, 2020.

Cerrejón provisionally reduce part of its operations

Given the crisis caused by COVID-19 and the need to reduce the possibility of contagion among its workers, relatives and the public at large due to its mining activity, Cerrejón has decided to significantly reduce part of its operations to guarantee the effectiveness of the controls and recommendations of government entities and thus contribute positively to the prevention of the contagion and spread of the coronavirus in La Guajira

The company is aware of the consequences that this decision has for the department of La Guajira and the country, but in a responsible manner, Cerrejón puts people’s health before the operation.

The decision to re-establish previous operations, in line with the exceptions of Decree 457 of 2010, subparagraphs 25 and 30, will be made progressively once the security conditions for employees, contractors and the community are guaranteed. At that time, we hope to count with the support of the national, regional and local authorities, the unions and all workers and contractors.

In order to carry out this process in a responsible manner and avoid risks related to a cessation of activities, it will be carried out in stages, starting from the night shift of March 23 and for the next 48 hours, in the areas that requires the greatest mobilization of personnel. In addition, to control the safety of the operation, a contingency team will oversee the critical activities required to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Law on environmental issues, the maintenance of equipment and infrastructure, and the compliance with coal exports contractual obligations.

On the other hand, fulfilling our commitment to La Guajira and the country, we will maintain essential social investments for the communities and the necessary resources to carry them out. Among others, these commitments include the distribution of nearly 7 million liters of water per month, with an investment of more than COP 2,000 million a year. In addition, to face this situation, actions will be coordinated with the Governorship of La Guajira and the mayoralties of the areas of influence to offer specific support in health issues, for an additional 2,000 million.

As events unfold, we will continue to inform workers and the public at large of the new measures that we will be applying to control COVID-19.

Once again, we must remember that we are all part of the solution and the importance of applying the self-care measures necessary for the prevention of COVID-19:

  • Wash your hands frequently throughout the day.
  • Wear face masks if you have a cough, fever, or other cold symptoms.
  • If you are with people with the flu who do not have face masks, use it yourself.
  • Sneeze in the forearm or covering yourself with disposable tissues, never by hand.
  • Avoid attending places with a high influx of people.
  • Ventilate and illuminate home and office spaces.
  • If you have any of the symptoms or have questions about COVID-19, call one of the following numbers:

o   Bogotá (091) 3305041

o   La Guajira 3213945330 y 3183400883

o   Línea Nacional 01-8000-955-590