Abril 3, 2017

Cerrejón launches a tournament of different sports with the participation of 260 players from 28 Communities.

With the support of the Esperanza Wayuu Foundation, Cerrejón held the first tournaments in football, five-a- side football, and archery in the communities of Warrarat (Uribia), Nueva Esperanza (Maicao), and Papayal (Barrancas). Over 260 children and adults from 28 communities participated. The program aims to promote the healthy use of leisure time and good sports practices in children and youths from communities neighbouring our operations, encouraging them to take advantage of their free time and steering them away from alcohol and drug use.

The football category included 120 adults from the communities of Youlen, Santa Ana, Lechemana, Marañamana, Yorijamana, Aipir, Warrarat, Satsapa, Atachon, San Martin, and Kainamana at the Warrarat location in Uribia. The five-a- side football matches took place in Nueva Esperanza (Maicao) with 124 children and adults from the communities of Cerrejón 1, Nueva Esperanza, Pinsky, Jurimakal, Aulalia, Ware Ware, Nueva  América, Cadenita, and Pinsky. The games attracted 430 spectators.

“It’s very important for us at Cerrejón to organize these types of events, which promote healthy lifestyles in the use of leisure time, integrating communities and the good use of free time. It also serves to generate trust and occasions for engagement between the company and our communities,” stated Raúl Roys, head of Cerrejón’s Division of Institutional Affairs and Communities.

In addition, the different, innovative sport of archery was added in Papayal, in which 16 children and adults participated. The National Federation has been supporting the practice of this sport here for two years, allowing them to develop new skills. “Thanks to Cerrejón and the Esperanza Wayuu Foundation for these types of initiatives. Our youths took the maximum advantage of them. The idea is to promote these occasions for sports so that youths fill their spare time with healthy activities that contribute to their growth and recreation,” noted Moisés Gómez Girnú, sports leader of the Warrarat community.

Cerrejón continues working on initiatives in culture, sports, and the arts to promote healthy development and use of free time in communities through varied practices so they can discover their talents and we can generate trust between them and the company.