November 19, 2015

Cerrejón Repairs Docks in Media Luna

With an investment of COP 511 Million, Cerrejón finished the 2 phases of the restoration of shelter docks, located in the communities of Yokuyokushi and Kamusüchiwo> ü, providing safe conditions for local boats from 8 out of the 15 communities in the Media Moon sector. This represents a benefit to more than 110 families who use the docks, improving their capabilities of trade and tourism.

“For Cerrejón it is very important to contribute to strengthening and improving the productive activities of the communities around our port, so we work with them improving their skills and production tools,” said Albert Freyle of Cerrejón’s Department of Social Responsibility.

The work was preceded by an oceanographic study and analysis for monitoring and maintenance work on the docks in the communities Kamüsüchiwo> ü and Yokuyukutshi. The work included beach recovery and rebuilding slopes, as well as linking to 3 people from the community as support and custodians of equipment in the activities of rebuilding the docks.

“Thanks to Cerrejón for its help, because the tools they’ve provided us, will help us to improve our daily sustenance work for our children and families,” said Luis Marin community leader of Jekshimana.

In Cerrejón we continue weaving alliances for the welfare and development of the communities surrounding our operations, working on strengthening their skills and productive activities.