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Bogotá / La Guajira

Cll 100 # 19-54
(57) (1) 595.55.55

La Mina
(57) (5) 350.55.55

Legal Notifications

If you want to send a legal notification please contact us to:

Complaints Office

Bogotá (595) 5886
Atlantic Coast (350) 5886
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Control Interno
(57) (1) 595.27.77 

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Cerrejón Foundation

Bogotá (57) (1) 595.24.41
La Guajira (57) (5) 350.60.71

Coal Marketing Company – CMC

All our coal is comercialized by CMC, comercial agent located in Dublin (Ireland). Cerrejón establishes comercial relationships with coal final users.

If your company is in the final user category, please contact

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Thank you for contacting us through our web page and for thinking of our company as a possible place to further yourprofessional career. To register your résumé, please click on the followinglink:
Your résumé can only be filed with us through our web page, where we post vacancies in the company and to which youmay apply as long as you meet the requirements.
Cerrejón’s recruiting and hiring is performed directly by the company. No third parties have any authorization to share information about these processes, file papers, or charge any fees for candidate participation.
We would be glad to hear any comments or suggestions from you.
Thank you.

As we are aware that, despite efforts to prevent operational impacts, harm may occur to members of neighbouringcommunities, Cerrejón has established a Complaints Office to address possible negative impacts from the operationanywhere throughout our area of influence following Professor John Ruggie's "Protect, respect, and remedy" framework.

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Legal notifications

If you want to send a legal notification please contact us to: