January 29, 2018

Negotiations continue between Sintracarbón and Cerrejón management

As on previous occasions, collective bargaining between Sintracarbón and the management at Cerrejón has reached a point
in which most of the workers affiliated with the union have voted in favour of a strike. This decision provides increased
motivation for the negotiating teams to redouble their efforts to reach agreements in areas where there are differences so
that a new collective bargaining agreement can be signed, with the benefits this will entail for workers and their families.

To this end, Cerrejón has instructed its negotiating team to work with Sintracarbón to increase efforts to realistically and
sensibly resolve points of difference, with the ultimate goal of reaching an agreement within the legal deadlines.

Cerrejón’s aim is to have our employees and their families, receive (without interruptions or undue distress) an updated and
improved version of all the benefits they now have, while at the same time allowing the company to remain competitive and
credible for its international buyers and investors.

The company would like to reach a transparent agreement at the bargaining table so that a new collective bargaining
agreement can be signed before the deadline for a possible declaration of zero hour (midnight on Friday, February 9). By
reaching an agreement, we seek to prevent adverse effects on employees and their households, as well as on the
thousands of La Guajira residents whose livelihood is tied to commercial activities associated with our operations, not to
mention the municipal and department administrations whose budgets, to a large extent, also rely on our operations.