Open-pit mining operations generate particulate material (dust) that must be duly controlled.  In Cerrejón we have a sound air quality control system where we assess, plan and implement preventative and mitigation measures, which are continuously monitored to verify their efficacy.

The implementation of this system is an example of our commitment to the environment and the health of our employees, contractors and our operation’s neighboring communities; as well as to the compliance with the standards established by the country’s environmental authorities.

Environmental Indicators

Learn about our indicators of responsible management whith the environment.


Know the air quality controls we implement in our operation

  • Since 1985, we have a direct loading system with covered conveyor belts in Puerto Bolívar, Alta Guajira; before it was a legal requirement in Colombia.

  • We develop atmospheric dispersion models as a planning tool to predict dust concentrations in different mining scenarios.

  • We have an air quality monitoring network with 16 sampling stations.

  • We conducted the watering of haulage roads with tankers and tank trucks, which use low-quality water, not fit for human and animal consumption or watering of crops. This water comes from rainwater and runoff waters that, when in contact with coal, acquire properties of mining waters.

  • Real-time sampling as an early-warning tool for the operation with the purpose of timely establishing the pertinent control actions.

  • We used irrigation sprinklers in the mining advancement areas to moisten the material prior to being transported.

  • Whenever there are adverse weather conditions, we have voluntarily suspended some mining operations, to keep dust concentrations within the legal limits.

  • Forming of crews for controlling spontaneous combustion of coal seams.

  • Moistening and compacting of coal in the wagons, during transportation towards Puerto Bolívar.

  • We performed biannual monitoring for the presence of gases in the operation.