Cerrejón is a local friend of La Guajira, so we recognize and value the wealth of fauna and flora in our department. In fact, it holds a privileged position in our environmental management, with four work fronts aimed at biodiversity preservation and stewardship.

Our Environmental Indicators

For 30 years, we have been committed to proper mining that is responsible towards the environment and our communities.

Libro Biodiversidad en Cerrejón


Wildlife Monitoring

Prior to starting mining, we locate and identify (with a team of experts) low-mobility animals for later relocation to areas reclaimed or not affected that are suitable for their development.
As part of the Wildlife Monitoring and Tracking Program, we analyse the composition of species, their abundance, diversity, and spatial-temporal distribution in populations of amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.

In 2016, we noted the presence of five jaguars in areas adjacent to the mine. This finding is indicative of the recovery of the tropical dry forest ecosystem.

Wildlife Clinical and Biological Recovery

A multidisciplinary work team (comprising biologists, veterinarians, and field assistants) supply their knowledge to provide effective management in wildlife rehabilitation.
Our Wildlife Refuge Centre is a temporary home to various species of animals that need care under the best conditions.

More than 36,000 animals rescued since 2008.
In 2016, we rescued 1,600 animals. 400 were provided care in our Wildlife Refuge Centre.

Conservation Program for Threatened Species

We participate in various biodiversity conservation programs in partnership with communities and public and private entities such as Corpoguajira, Conservation International, the Omacha Foundation, and others.
Our objective is to promote the conservation of species in critical danger of extinction (e.g. the American crocodile and four species of sea turtles from Bahía Portete) and the stewardship of nature reserves such as the Montes de Oca Protected Forest Reserve.

Since 2007, more than 6,400 sea turtles have been returned to the sea thanks to this initiative.
In 2016, we released 447 sea turtles in the Alta Guajira, and 170 Colombian slider turtles raised at the Cerrejón Wildlife Refuge Centre were released into the Ranchería River.

Environmental Offsets — Wuinn Manna

We are working on connecting the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta with the Serranía del Perijá through biodiversity corridors in order to connect the flora and fauna of the Caribbean with that of the eastern plains (Llanos Orientales) and the Colombian Amazon.
Wuinn Manna (water biodiversity corridor in Wayuu) is the name of this project we have been working on in partnership with the National Environmental Permitting Authority (ANLA) and Corpoguajira. The goal is to recover catchment basins and harvest water through conservation agreements with neighbouring communities in order to protect endangered species such as jaguars.

The largest fossil snake in the world

During coal extraction, we have uncovered interesting palaeontological finds, including fossils of turtle shells and of giant leaves, which indicate this zone was a tropical forest over 55 million years ago. The most interesting discovery was the Titanoboa cerrejonensis a giant snake that ever existed in the earth.