Cerrejón  Foundation

In line with our social performance strategy and after identifying regional priorities, in 2008 we created a Foundations System that is now consolidated as the Cerrejón Foundation.

From 2008 to June of 2017, the Cerrejón Foundation has managed significant contributions (over COP 90.3 billion) of our own funds and those of various partners to aid projects and initiatives contributing to the welfare of La Guajira.
Our initiatives focus on:

Seeking sustainable solutions for
water access and conservation

Preserving indigenous

Strengthening institutional, community, and business capabilities
and the Wayuu traditional production system

Promoting strategic projects that generate new investments and
employment in the region

Regional partners for water

Since we are aware of the importance of water for communities, we promote the stewardship of water resources through comprehensive management. 

The Cerrejón Foundation is currently working on the pillars of basin conservation and preservation and the search for solutions contributing to the physical access of water in Guajiran communities (mainly Wayuu) by using appropriate technology for the capture, storage, distribution, and treatment of water. As part of this work, we strengthen residents’ skills in using and maintaining the solutions through participatory comprehensive management to promote the sustainability of these systems.


Million litres of
water available

Since 2014, we have found solutions to
improve the region’s water supply.




under conservation agreements with families living near the Bruno, El Pasito, Pupurema, Majagüita,and Paladines creeks.


Solutions to improve
Water supply

From 2008 to 2016, we executed the solutions to improve water supply and/or treatment for households anda communities.

Strengthening Capabilities

We work to contribute to the development and sustainability of the department of La Guajira. Our goal is to strengthen public and community administration, support project planning to leverage resources, promote the traditional indigenous economy through strategic partnerships, develop labour skills, and encourage business venture and the strengthening of our local supply chain.

Strategic projects for the region

We seek to bolster this region’s future by supporting economic activities and sectors capable of leveraging development in coming years by generating employment, investment, and progress.

Consolidation of the hotel waya guajira as a driver of the tourism sector 69% of its workforce and 52% of its suppliers are native guajirans.

The waya guajira, the region’s first hotel to be granted leed certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which recognizes environmentally sustainable building in accordance with international standards.