Slide Integrated Water Management

About the program

As part of our commitment and responsibility with the promotion, preservation, and responsible use of water resources in La Guajira, we carry out a three-pronged Comprehensive Water Management.

1. Efficient use of water

We scrutinize every detail of our mining process to protect this resource.

2. Basins-based approach

Conservation of the basins of the Pupurema, El Pasito, Bruno, Majagüita, and Paladines creeks, providing social and economic benefits and promoting their sustainability. 4 components

  • Integrated water management
  • Sustainable production systems
  • Ecosystem connectivity
  • Water governance

Beneficiaries: 3,000 people in 419 families from 17 communities in Albania, Barrancas, and Hatonuevo.

Con una inversión de más de $2.000 millones desde 2014 hemos entregado aproximadamente 74 millones de litros de agua y 1.643 tanques de almacenamiento de agua con capacidad de 500, 1.000 y 5.000 litros, además, hemos realizado 79 rehabilitaciones de molinos de viento, generando una disponibilidad de agua de 3,2 millones de litros diarios

3. Participation in sustainable solutions

We involve stakeholders and we participate in water solutions.

Use of water in our operation 10% of the water used is from the Ranchería River and its alluvial aquifer. After conventional treatment, it is used for consumption by our employees and contractors and for distribution to our neighbouring communities. Since 2014, we have found solutions to improve the region’s water supply, making over 80 MILLION LITRES of water available to our neighbouring communities. 90% of the remaining water used in our operations derives from the coal seams and rainwater runoff. This water is unsuited for animal consumption or for crop irrigation due to high dissolved salt contents. We take nearly 1,000 water samples a year from the Ranchería River, creeks, the alluvial aquifer and settling ponds for physical, chemical, and bacteriological analyses to test its quality bothupstream and downstream of our operations. Together with our Cerrejon Foundation we have protected over 2,400 hectares around water sources and woodlands under conservation agreements with families living near the Bruno, El Pasito, Pupurema, Majagüita, and Paladines creeks. Since 2007, together with Corpoguajira, Conservation International, and other agencies, we have contributed to having over 45,000 hectares in the lower basin and delta of the Ranchería River and the Montes de Oca declared protected areas. We work hand-in-hand with communities and various partners to seek sustainable water solutions to support the region. Of the volume of water that Corpoguajira licenses for the Ranchería River and the aquifer Farming and livestock sector Mining activity Domestic sector 92,5% 1,8% 5,7%

Environmental Indicators

For 30 years, we have been committed to proper mining that is responsible towards the environment and our communities.