Slide Our social strategy

Our company is committed to the development and progress of La Guajira and its people. We work continuously on initiatives aligned with the Global Sustainable Development Goals as well as with plans at the national, department, and municipal levels, demonstrating that mining contributes to building the future.

We have focused our social investment on addressing the department’s most pressing needs on the following fronts:

Access and responsible use of water. We promote access to water, prioritizing the most vulnerable communities. We also work
towards the conservation and preservation of water resources.

Strengthening capabilities. We contribute to improving the skills of public administrations and community production systems, in
addition to strengthening local businesses and suppliers to raise the level of employability.

We undertake strategic projects with a high social and economic impact. We seek to transform La Guajira with high-impact initiatives
to enable the promotion of other economic sectors and to build towards the region’s future.

Our social strategy seeks to maintain permanent engagement and dialogue with our stakeholders and to keep our social license to operate by
adhering to the highest national and international standards. In this strategy, it is very important to identify and manage our impacts, which is
why we work on prevention, mitigation, and/or offsets.

We shall continue working together with our partners to build a La Guajira filled with opportunities for everyone, making our commitment of
partnering with La Guajira visible.

More than 15,000 people benefited from our social programs

More then 1,100 children, youths, and adults

Participated in our culture and sports programs.

2,200 people benefited


from our programs to strengthen and promote education.

8 strategic projects

for the sustainability and transformation of La Guajira.

11,000 people benefited


from disease-prevention and health-promotion activities.