Slide Palomino before the mine Cuestecita after the mine According to the water quality monitoring, is evident a good behavior of the river as it passes through the area of mining operations. Good Fair Low September, 2018

Water Quality Indicators

At Cerrejón, every drop of water counts. We manage water comprehensively, focusing on the efficient, responsible use of this resource in our operations. We also work on protecting water resources and on sustainable access to water for communities.

90% of the total water we use at Cerrejón is from coal seam dewatering and rainwater runoff from the mine pits.
This water is unsuited for human or animal consumption or for crop irrigation.

The remaining 10% of water is from the Ranchería River and its alluvial aquifer, which is used for the consumption of our employees and contractors after conventional treatment. It is also used to deliver water to communities through initiatives such as the Water Train.

Annual bulletin

Consult the environmental indicators available in the sustainability reports.