We are aware that dust generation is an environmental aspect inherent to our open-pit mining activity.

Our air-quality management system covers the entire process of planning, production, transportation, and ship-loading of coal.

We have a monitoring network for total suspended and inhalable dust that comprises 18 sampling stations in communities in the area of influence of Cerrejón.

When adverse weather conditions reign, we have even voluntarily suspended some mining operations to keep dust concentrations below threshold limits.

Data from Representative Stations


  • Sol y Sombra, located upwind of the operations (reference station).
  • Barrancas, main population centre in the zone.
  • Provincial, a community downwind from the Patilla Pit.

Since January of 2018, Resolution 2254 of 2017 has set the air-quality thresholds for Colombia. It has eliminated the TSP parameter as a pollutant criterion, so the air-quality values presented only include the PM10 parameter.

Data from Representative Stations

Puerto Bolivar

– Huarurapay, located before the port operations.
– Malla Norte, the closest community downwind.

Sustainability Reports

Since 2005, we have been committed to the United Nations Global Compact, and we uphold our interest in presenting results and challenges in ten principles related to human rights, labour standards, the environment, and anti-corruption practices.