At Cerrejón, planning for the closure is a normal business practice that is taken into account from the very start of operations. This allows us to minimize adverse impacts and maximize positive impacts in all our stakeholders so as to make a responsible handover to the State once our mining contracts finalize in February of 2034.

Our legal requirements for closure derive from our mining operation contracts, the current Comprehensive Environmental Management Plan, and the environmental requirements set out by the National Environmental Permitting Authority (ANLA, its acronym in Spanish). In addition, we have adopted good practices from our shareholder Anglo American as well as various international guidelines and standards to develop and update our Mine Closure Plan (MCP).

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Anglo American
International Council on Mining and Metals — ICMM


Since the start of our operations, Cerrejón has been implementing gradual closure measures related to the responsible management of impacts on the environment and society. These are some of the actions undertaken:


Our Land Reclamation Program has transformed mining zones into areas covered in plant species native to this region, to date totalling 4,226 hectares. Furthermore, we have contributed to having more than 60,000 hectares of land set aside for biodiversity conservation.

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We are pioneers in Colombia in enacting strict controls of runoff water in reclaimed dumps, minimizing erosion in them and protecting existing bodies of water, thus contributing to the reforestation of these zones, which will be handed over to the State once the mining contracts finalize.

Control of
Spontaneous Combustion

We identify and classify areas in accordance with a procedure for controlling spontaneous combustion points in order to design coverage that will prevent oxygen from entering the seams, thus keeping these zones safe.

Investment Programs

As part of our mission to generate value for the region, we have undertaken various social interventions to contribute to regional development, to improving the quality of life of its inhabitants, and to generating alternative sources of income other than mining in La Guajira.

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We are working on the construction of a biological corridor of tropical dry forest covering more than 14,000 hectares connecting two strategic ecosystems in the Caribbean region: the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Serranía del Perijá. This will allow species like the jaguar to make La Guajira their home

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The closure planning is a dynamic process that gradually shifts as we get closer to the date of the end of operations.

In 2019 Cerrejón updated the operations closure plan. This update involves the different planning processes, internal and external requirements, and financial considerations on the operations life cycle so that, when the contracts end, we can leave a positive legacy in the region.

The update has identified the need to create additional occasions for participation with our different stakeholder groups in order to identify expectations, analyse possible future uses of the remaining infrastructure, and identify future potential in the region to contribute to diversification.