Slide In August 2007, Cerrejón and its shareholders (Anglo American, BHP, and Glencore)
requested that a third-party review panel assess the handling of its social responsibility
practices and its engagement with neighbouring communities in La Guajira.

The panel was headed by John Harker, President of Cape Breton University in Canada.
The panel included Nick Killick from International Alert; Solomon Kalmanovitz, Dean of
Economics and Business Administration at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University
in Colombia; and Elena Serrano of the Peace House Foundation (Fundación Casa de la Paz),
a Chilean NGO.

This page contains the most relevant information related to the third-party panel’s review
and the actions Cerrejón has taken in response between 2008 and now.

  Downloadable reports

Progress report of the social commitments of Cerrejón