Our policies

Safety, Health, Environment and Community Policy

It is the policy of Cerrejón in its open pit coal mining, transport and shipping operations in La Guajira, and in its activities in other places where Cerrejón operates, to conduct its business in harmony with the Environment and Society, to protect the Safety and Health of the employees and contribute to the development, well being, and culture of the communities within its area of influence, as well as to work towards the implementation of the best practices of the mining industry in terms of Safety, Health, Environment and the Community. Download >

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Cerrejón’s policy requires all its employees to avoid any conflict between their own interests and those of the Company in their dealings with suppliers, clients, contractors or any other person outside the Company, as well as in the conduct of their own business. Download >

Human Rights Policy

The policy at Cerrejón is to carry out its operations in such a way that the Human Rights of employees, contractors, third parties, persons involved in its operations, clients and the general public are respected and promoted. It requires the same commitment from its Contractors who, through each and every one of their members, are responsible for the promotion, respect and protection of Human Rights in every area where they execute their Works and/or Services. Download >

Ethics Policy

It is Cerrejón’s policy to strictly comply with all laws applicable to its business. Download>

Equal Opportunities Policy

It is Cerrejón’s policy to provide equal job opportunities, in accordance with all the applicable laws, for any person qualified for a particular position. The Company administers its personnel policies, programmes and practices in a non-discriminatory manner in all aspects of work relations, including recruitment, contracting, job assignments, promotions, transfers, terminations, salaries management and selection for training. Download >

Cerrejón Policies and Guide of Conduct

Cerrejón Manual of Policies and Guide of Conduct gathers the main policies and guides of conduct governing the Company, its employees and third party associates. No one in the Organisation is authorized to make exemptions to these policies nor does exist a goal that justifies violation of such.

Social Labour Responsability Policy

Cerrejón is a company committed to the comprehensive development and the welfare of its workers; it complies with applicable national legislation, workers’ rights and social security, as well as with the obligations voluntarily acquired, including the principles established in international instruments related to SA8000 Standard. Download >

Fraud control policy

All Cerrejón employees are expected to act in accordance with the highest standards of honesty, uprightness, and integrity in the performance of their functions. Cerrejón will show zero tolerance for fraud, whether committed by employees or others, whether inside or outside the organization, and it will take immediate action (including dismissal, informing the police, and a lawsuit) against any persons committing fraud, regardless of their time of service or position with the company. Download >

Cerrejón’s Social Performance Policy and Framework

Cerrejón’s Social Performance Policy is founded on two pillars: (i) that social factors are intrinsic to the
company ́s value generation, and (ii) that we adopt the highest standards when it comes to carrying out our
social policies. Download >