Albania, december 23, 2019

Two deep wells will supply more than 780 indigenous people

Cerrejón will place two deep wells at the service of more than 780 indigenous people for access to water and the development of productive projects that will directly benefit the communities of Coveñas, Cerrejón 1 and Rio de Janeiro, belonging to the Indigenous Reservation November 4, located in the municipality from Albania in La Guajira.

The infrastructure will be built by more than 100 people from the Reserve, who will work on the execution of this project that will allow them to develop their agricultural and livestock activities in a sustainable way.

The solution, agreed in a participatory manner with the community, will consist of the adaptation of two deep wells, the construction of more than eight kilometers of hydraulic networks, the installation of 15 watering holes, as well as the training of 30 members of the community who will be responsible for the subsequent management system.

“The implementation of this initiative allows us to improve the living conditions of the communities surrounding the area of influence of the Bruno Creek, through the extension and construction of a system that will fail access to water. This project is a sign that it is possible to do responsible mining” said Juan Carlos García, Manager of Resettlements, Lands and Compensations of Cerrejón.

“Today we thank Cerrejón for understanding one of our greatest needs: water. With this project we have water that can be given to our pigs, sheep, cows, horses, as well to sow products such as tomatoes, coriander, corn, among others, which will supply our feeding needs both for consumption and for marketing. It will allow us to buy other products such as meat, rice, etc.”, said José Luis Pushaina, leader of the Reservation.

Cerrejón will continue to generate environmental and social value for La Guajira through the development of solutions that allow communities to access water resources sustainably and improve their food security.