February 22, 2016

Strengthening the cultural identity of children and youths in Papayal

Cerrejón ratified its commitment to strengthen the cultural values and talents of 64 children and youths of Papayal in delivering the district’s Cultural Centre a drum for the dance group and a box, two metal guacharacas, and two wooden ones, instruments for Vallenata music-playing.

“Our vision centres on positively impacting the communities we reach out to. Papayal is a land filled with talent and
happiness, and that is the key to this program’s success. Each and every one of the actors in this program has been committed and has done their bit — the children with their commitment and efforts, the parents with their support, trust, and responsibility, and the teachers with their patience and dedication,” stated Patricia Mendoza, an analyst with Cerrejón’s Department of Social Responsibility.

In addition to the training and support for the youths, and the logistical support for their participation in festivals and cultural events in the region, last year the company also donated two accordions and 30 guayabera shirts to the Cultural Centre for their music program and three sets of costumes for 20 students in the dance program.

“Cerrejón’s unconditional support has been the best because the children can practice dance and accordion, and they have something to do in their free time to make the most of it. I feel nothing but satisfaction for this program,” said Yolenis Martínez, coordinator of the Papayal Cultural Centre.

Samuel Levete, a nine-year- old participant of the music program, sang some verses along with his accordion: “I am playing my accordion surely (bis), I thank Cerrejón for this opportunity”.

At Cerrejón we continue forging partnerships to promote and reinforce the values and talent of children and youths through programs providing them with the opportunity to make sound use of their free time and to creatively and professionally develop all their skills.