July 9, 2015

Akuaipa Children Work for a Green and Clean La Guajira

The second stage of the environmental programme My Green School and Clean, at Akuaipa Indigenous boarding school, included a first Day of Entrepreneurship based on the use of cactus. 20 students of School with the accessory of Cerrejón, traditional authorities and technical staff of the boarding school took part of the activity.

The activity started with disinfection and planting as well as an introduction of the uses of cactus in the agribusiness and gastronomic field. A food and environmental fair will take place as initial result in approximately 2 months, with the harvest of the crop.

“The idea is to promote crops suitable for this type of soil; At Akuaipa we found a group of leading young men whose hard work and dedication will spread this type of activities that contribute to the strengthening and growth of La Guajira,” 
said, research scientist at the Guayacanal Foundation, Patricia de Camargo.

There was also an entrepreneurship workshop aimed at 50 children grades 10 ° and 11 °, who started planning their environmental companies based on identified needs in their communities and Institution.

Since 2014, Cerrejón in partnership with the Clean and Green Colombia Foundation implemented in Akuaipa the My School, Green and Clean programme aimed at strengthening environmental education with communities and educational institutions, endorsed by environmental authorities and the Department´s secretariats of education.

“We are currently developing different projects which we are sure will generate a change in behaviour in children, who in turn will become multipliers of these practices in their communities,” he said Akuaipa environmental technician, Enión Fuentes.

There are:

  • 1,035 students
  • 38 teachers
  • 13 people in the management team
  • 16 general service staff

for a total of 1,102 people involved in the programme, aiming to promote the sustainable use of natural resources, awareness about intelligent use of electricity and water, and the development of a sustainable environmental culture.

“This project means a lot to me, it is a great contribution to my life: it makes me stronger as a person and helps raise my conscience with respect to protecting the environment,” said Akuaipa student, Daniel Diaz.

The programme has achieved:

  • Partnership Development between participating institutions (Albania City Hall, Coorpoguajira, National Army) and students.
  • Raise indicators of each thematic area worked: 3 Rs technique, Guardians of Water, biodiversity, energy and new citizens.
  • Planting of 30 fruit trees in the institution (mango, guava, mamoncillo, orange and soursop) donated by Corpoguajira.
  • Graduation of 70 Green Leaders in grades 10 ° and 11 °, responsible for replicating the My School Clean and Green model in the learning Institution.