December 2, 2011

Launching of Tecnocerrejón, Learning Institution for Labour and Human Development Program

The upcoming 5th of December, The Cerrejón Foundation for Institutional Strengthening of La Guajira will launch its latest program which it estimates, will allow training of more than 2,200 technicians qualified to operate and carry out maintenance on mining equipment between 2012 and 2015.

The event will take place at the Paulo VI Learning House located in the municipality of Barrancas, La Guajira. Those invited will be able to get further information about the foundations and reach of the two initial academic programs in which Tecnocerrejón, Learning Institution for Labour and Human Development will embark. It will start operating from December 2011, focused in the instruction of “Technicians in Mining Equipment Operation” and “Technicians in Mining Equipment Maintenance”.

The academic program in both disciplines will count with instructors specialized in geology, mechanotronic engineering plus all the basic sciences and it will include an internship to take place at Cerrejón Mining Complex in order to put into practice all the theory learned during the instructional phase.

How is eligible to participate?
Anyone interested fulfilling admission requirements must send all the documents to Tecnocerrejón offices located in Paulo VI Learning House in the municipality of Barrancas, La Guajira (Calle 14 No. 12-30). During 2012, eight (8) classes will be opened for Technicians in Mining Equipment Operation and five (5) classes for Technicians in Mining Equipment Maintenance.

Those who have submitted all the required documentation will begin a selection process. Those who qualify in all criteria will receive a tuition order. To learn on the exact amount of the tuition fee, which will be around four (4) legal standard minimum wages (SMMLV Spanish Acronym) must call the Institution’s contact numbers.

Those interested in doing their internships in Cerrejón must take all Psychotechnical Tests, interview, House Call and Medical Exams standard for the selection of any of the Company’s internship applicants.

Admission Requirements

  • Fill-in the admission form
  • Payment of Inscription Fee (10% of a SMMLV)
  • Photocopy of I.D (enlarged 150%)
  • Copy of Judicial Certificate (issued not more than one month before the inscription date)
  • Copy of the personal report from the SABER Tests
  • Authenticated copy of High School diploma or certificate of completion of 11th Grade.
  • Certificate of EPS affiliation
  • Three photos 3 x 4 cm with blue backing
  • Authenticated copy of Military Card or certification validating it is being processed (applies only to males)


The institution will facilitate advice to families on available financing options from financial institutions, funds of employees and credit unions throughout the country. Cerrejón will grant subsidies to interested students, using their socio-economic situation and academic performance as criteria. To learn more on current available grants and scholarships, anyone can contact (5) 350-5956 or 317-372-1332.

By creating this new Learning Institution Cerrejón Foundation for Institutional Strengthening of La Guajira’s goal is to contribute on the training of personnel, mainly from La Guajira region, to be qualified to enrol in open-pit mining activities across the nation.