December 5, 2019

Cerrejón employees collected 1,000 kilos of waste during a cleaning day

1,000 kilos of waste were collected in the municipalities of Albania, Riohacha and Villanueva by more than 100 employees of Cerrejón, who along with their families, during ecological walks that the company performs weekly, participated in a day of cleaning of rivers and forests.

Plastic and glass bottles, papers, cardboard, bags, among other elements, were found around Albania and the Ranchería and Villanueva rivers, which will be treated and recycled by the Rotary Foundation Manos Solidarias.

“A group of employees and their families encourage us to be in touch with nature and help the environment through garbage collection. This is an invitation so that in our daily lives in the care of our individual health, the care of the environment should be contemplated; We are definitely all responsible for the place where we live and today we just demonstrated it, ”said Hugo Piedrahita, director of Health and Welfare of Cerrejón.

Also, Carmen Sánchez, participant of the activity said: “With a group of people we take care of cleaning and beautifying the entrance of Albania that is the face of the municipality. It is satisfying to be able to contribute a little to collect all this garbage especially because it will be done with a recycling process; I am happy, I love to participate in these activities and I hope to continue doing it ”.

These actions are part of the company’s commitment to generate environmental value for La Guajira and the country, which, together with its efforts to form a biological corridor of more than 25,000 hectares of tropical dry forest, will allow the preservation of the region’s biodiversity and the transit of strategic species such as the jaguar.