Bogotá, January of 2020


The 17 Wayuu and Wiwa artisans groups from Riohacha, Uribia, Maicao, Albania, Barrancas, Hatonuevo, and San Juan del Cesar were the stars of Expoartesanías 2019 (in Bogotá), selling more than 100 million pesos in products and surpassing their 2018 sales. These Guajiran artisans were present thanks to their partnership with Cerrejón, together with our Foundation and Artesanías de Colombia.

This event is considered to be the main specialized artisans fair that promotes the conservation of traditional trades with high standards of quality. This fair has become a commercial platform that rescues and displays the traditions and techniques of artisans, putting them into direct contact with their potential clients.  

“Attending this fair is an opportunity for the Cerrejón Foundation team to position the cultural wealth and the heritage of the Wayuu and Wiwa artisans of La Guajira. At the same time, the fair provides an opportunity to better discern market trends, client expectations, how the artisan sector is evolving regionally and nationally and, of course, it is a way to generate income,” said Janneth Daza, director of the Cerrejón Foundation.

The main goal of having the artisans participate in the fair is to consolidate their commercial skills, which is part of the Cerrejón Foundation’s goal in seeking the comprehensive development of the artisan sector in La Guajira. The end result is to improve the standard of living of these artisans as well as driving the productivity and competitiveness of the products presented at the fair.

“This stand in particular has very beautiful designs… we see that now designs have a fashionable trend, which is very important. We see marvellous handwoven bags with gold and silver. No other stand has these types of handwoven bags. Pretty much all the designs are amazing to us,” expressed María Victoria Laverde, an attendee at the fair.

Cerrejón and its Foundation, together with our partners in the artisans sector, create social value and participate in generating strategies that drive regional development aimed at building a prosperous La Guajira.