More than 1,400 people committed to the environment

More than 1,400 people committed to the environment participated in the various education and awareness programs on environmental stewardship that Cerrejón held as part of its own commitment to generate environmental and social value for La Guajira. The goals of the programs were to create participatory processes in which our employees, collaborators, neighbouring communities, and the local government (from its own work) use natural resources responsibly. In addition, they served to transparently socialize our environmental management and management measures to address our impacts.

The company reaffirms its commitment to the region with programs such as: the Environmental Oversight Committee, a site for joint work with representatives from our neighbouring communities, authorities, and academics with the goal of furthering knowledge and trust amongst the parties through training, exchanging knowledge, and holding trainers of trainees workshops; and the environmental education program Forest Wardens, in which students and teachers are trained in environmental issues and build and implement improvement plans for their schools’ environmental problems.

In addition, every year the company receives over 1,000 visitors from communities, students from schools and universities, and public officials. The tour is accompanied by professionals from the different company areas, with visitors learning about the mining processes and our environmental and social programs.

“Environmental education is a path we walk together with our stakeholders in order to generate significant changes in awareness and action concerning the appreciation and stewardship of the resources nature provides us. Our goal with these types of initiatives is to generate an internal and external cultural transformation that will allow us to adopt better and better practices, such as promoting environmental stewardship,” affirmed Gabriel Bustos, Cerrejón’s manager of Environmental Management.

“I am part of Cerrejón’s Environmental Oversight Committee, and I think it’s important to have these types of environmental education spaces so people can see and understand everything that the company does. It also contributes to teaching us what to do, for instance in managing solid waste in our own homes so we can help conserve the environment,” stated Víctor Sarmiento, representative of the Indigenous Reservation 4 de Noviembre on the Oversight Committee.

Some of the specific objectives are to strengthen community initiatives for environmental conservation and rehabilitation, to improve local school environmental programs, to promote the formation of citizen oversight committees to monitor the company’s environmental management, and to contribute to building a participatory culture that embraces environmental responsibility.