More than 17,000 students are Cerrejón beneficiaries

Juan Pablo, a semi-finalist of La Voz Argentina, is an example of successful stories that the company has helped to impel through our educational programs.

Over 17,000 children, youths, and adults have received a quality education thanks to Cerrejón support in the form of aids, scholarships, sponsorships, and economic grants aimed at improving the quality of life of our workers, their families, and La Guajira.

The company has educational benefits built together with our trade unions and our communities that provide inclusive school and university training. The beneficiaries have mainly chosen careers in medicine, engineering, law, business administration, social sciences, and the humanities, and they will undoubtedly contribute to this region’s development.

 “Since I’ve been at school, I’ve been fortunate to be able to count on Cerrejón’s educational aids; it’s a privilege to be the child of a Cerrejón employee. The truth is it is not only rewarding to receive the aid, it is also a great help to all of us as a family,” related Juan Pablo, a 22-year-old who has always displayed artistic abilities in singing, composing, and writing. Thanks to the work of his father (Jesualdo Gámez, a Maintenance mechanic at Cerrejón), to his talent, and to his will to get ahead, he studied Music Composition for Film in Buenos Aires (Argentina), where he also reached the semi-finals in the famous TV program La Voz Argentina.

“I wanted to go to Argentina for the career I wanted to study. In Colombia, studying artistic careers is a bit complicated because most options aren’t professional careers, just vocational or courses. Some friends recommended Buenos Aires and, thanks to Cerrejón, we were able to cover all the expenses with the educational aids they provided. While I was there, I got the idea to audition for the La Voz program. When Ricardo Montaner told me in the audition, ‘I love your voice,’ it was an unrepeatable moment.” Juan Pablo had a great experience as an artist on this program, and his family has always been his main inspiration.

He decided to return to Colombia to launch his song Déjalo To´, a salsa, funk, and reggaeton mix. “I came back to Colombia to launch this song because it honours my roots. At Cerrejón, which is my home, I am promoting the song. I appreciate this company because it has provided a drive for me and many workers’ children. I believe in education, and the future lies in knowledge. And Cerrejón is well aware of that.”

Contributing to the education of children, youths, and adults such as Juan Pablo who have lots of talent and dream of a better future is an indelible footprint for La Guajira. That is precisely why Cerrejón has invested over COP 211 billion in educational aids and scholarships for workers and their children. This aid has contributed to fulfilling over 17,000 dreams of people who hope to return to the region what they have received, contributing to their department’s growth and development.

YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJFKQyChlac