Abril 19, 2017

Over 200 people in the indigenous community of Aulaulia now have access to water thanks to an engineering solution implemented by the Cerrejón Foundations System and EnBW

The Cerrejón Foundations System partnered with the Germany firm EnBW to address the problem of access to water in communities, especially those in rural areas. The designs for an efficient, low-cost engineering solution were developed to facilitate water supply in two communities. Thanks to this partnership, the community of Aulaulia (municipality of Maicao) now has easier, safer access to water.

This solution (which can be duplicated in other communities) has provided over 200 residents with permanent access to water via a solar photovoltaic energy pump for shallow wells, thereby substituting the manual-based extraction system. This new, low-cost technology is also environmentally friendly.

“We are very grateful to God and Cerrejón for their support. We used to suffer because the water was extracted from the well manually, but now it is easier to get the water,” stated Celinda Tiller Ipuana, leader of the Aulaulia community.

In addition, Rodolfo Tiller Ipuana, the community’s traditional authority, commented that, “Women were tired because they had to expend a lot of effort to get water from the well, but with this solution they feel quite relieved. It is a step forward for us. That is why I want to thank Cerrejón and its Foundations on behalf of the entire community.”

The solution comprises a pump, a solar panel, a switch, and a tank-level sensor with a cutoff safety feature. Furthermore, as part of the system implementation, six community members were trained as overseers in charge of the use, care, and maintenance.

“Today we see the result of hard work undertaken with everyone’s support. We hope that the access to water with this new system will improve your quality of life and make your daily activities easier,” affirmed Janneth Daza, director of the Cerrejón Foundations System.

As part of this partnership, technological retrofitting was also carried out in the community of Nueva Esperanza (municipality of Albania), benefitting over 370 residents. Through our Foundations System, Cerrejón continues to hand-in- hand with our partners in developing innovative, accessible initiatives allowing communities to access water, thus contributing to improving their quality of life and that of their families.