Febrero 15, 2016

Improvements to the offer for Cerrejón workers

As a sign of the company’s willingness to reach a negotiated agreement, on Friday February 12, the administration’s negotiating team presented to Sintracarbón improvements to the offer previously laid on the bargaining table.

We feel it is important for all employees to be aware of this offer, which consists of the following:

1. All benefits and aids are maintained for employees.
2. Wages and all benefits for employees are raised by 6.77%.
3. The signing bonus is COP 3.3 million pesos per worker for one year.
4. University aid: the table with 2015 values, which is self-regulating, is maintained.
5. PAS subsidy: the subsidy is maintained (74/26 nominal). This benefit is self-regulating.
6. The special bonus of COP 3.4 million per year (COP 845 K payable per quarter, subject to meeting targets).
7. A work session to be established with the participation of the Health Committee and comprising company and union representatives and expert advice to identify opportunities to improve the healthcare service.

The table below shows the benefit values for workers improved upon in this offer:


School aid
Education and/special needs aid
Benefits and bonuses
Supplementary services benefit
Conventional special benefit
Travel expenses
Travel expenses for family medical treatment
If overnighting
Travel expenses for employee medical treatment (daily)
If not overnighting
Aid for companions
Occupational travel expenses
Various aids
Family funeral aid
Employee funeral expenses
Normal eyeglasses
Bifocal eyeglasses