May 8, 2018

Prospera Guajira Continues Developing Scenarios for Building the Department’s Future

The municipal workshop phase of the Prospera Guajira project seeking to envision a blueprint for the department’s future was launched with the enthusiastic participation of everyone involved. The workshops were held with the aim of identifying, prioritizing, and defining the key goals for municipalities in education, developing new economic sectors, and inter-cultural dialogue. The exchange of ideas will aid in creating a plan of action aimed at mobilizing the efforts required to achieve the most likely and desirable scenario for La Guajira in the future. The workshops began with contributions by various individuals hailing from Villanueva, La Jagua del Pilar, El Molino, and Urumita.

Over the course of the workshop, participants learned about the results from the initial project phase and later set up roundtables to exchange ideas and concerns regarding the future of their municipalities and the department. The issues that emerged from the discussions included the need to create associative dynamics within the municipalities and with the regional organizations, promote the strengthening of well-trained human resources to develop a new economic model, and involving citizens in making decisions
regarding land use.

This phase is scheduled to continue with workshops held in various department municipalities, including San Juan del Cesar, Barrancas, Fonseca, Hatonuevo, Albania, Maicao, Manaure, Uribia, Riochacha, and Dibulla. By doing so, the project seeks to incorporate the input of the diverse spectrum of parties involved in defining the actions that will stimulate the creation of specific initiatives, mobilize resources, and, above all, engage in long-range regional planning.

“We were engaging in conversations all day today that enabled us to share experiences, solutions, goals, and proposals, all aimed at resolving problems in the region. It was a beneficial experience from any point of view. This kind of dialogue allows us to contribute our ideas and visions to solve our present-day problems and build the future of La Guajira,” declared Grey Fernando Vega, secretary of planning for El Molino village.

With this initiative, promoters such as the National Training Service (SENA), the state Ombudsman’s Office, La Guajira Chamber of Commerce, Cerrejón, the Cerrejón Foundation, Guajira 360˚, Corpoguajira, the UNDP, Promigas Foundation, and the La Guajira regional government will continue working together to stimulate and promote projects that will allow La Guajira to become a prosperous region full of opportunities
for everyone.