Agosto 2, 2016

Repair of windmill-driven water pump in Cuatro Vías-Maicao will benefit nearly 100 vendors and members of indigenous communities in the zone

More than 100 vendors (both stationary and ambulatory) and indigenous communities neighbouring the Cuatro Vías-Maicao sector will have access to 43,200 litres of water a day thanks to the repair of a community windmill-driven water pump. This renovation is the fruit of programs organized by the company and our foundations to contribute to this sector’s emergency response plan by addressing the water supply needs of an area with over a hundred pedestrians and visitors a day.
“It is very important to us to continue working on implementing initiatives allowing us to contribute to the sustainability and development of businesses in the Cuatro Vías sector, especially on such an important and necessary issue as water. There is no doubt that this solution will greatly benefit the vendors,” affirmed Catalina Coy, a member of Cerrejón’s team.
The windmill-driven pump is also complemented with a 25,000 litre water storage system and an animal trough. This brings the total to 76 windmills repaired in 59 communities neighbouring the railway line since the drought emergency was declared in 2014. These pumps supply over 2.9 million litres of water a day to benefit over 8,000 people.
“I would like to thank Cerrejón and its foundations. They have worried about the well-being of our community, addressing our basic needs, in this case the repair of this windmill-driven pump, which is very important for our continued residence here. Water is vital, and we can’t live
without it. I would like to thank the company because it resolved this need we were suffering from in time for us,” stated Álvaro Daza, a vendor at Cuatro Vías and owner of the restaurant Doña Ruby. He uses 100% of the water for his business from this pump.
Through our foundations system, we will continue working on promoting initiatives that contribute to providing a timely response to the region’s drought emergency.