April 25, 2016

Riohacha sang and danced to the notes of the Cerrejón Symphonic Orchestra

The Riohacha Viva Wajiira shopping mall was the location of the Cerrejón Symphonic Orchestra’s latest performance, with shoppers singing, dancing, and enjoying the rhythm of the music played by these talented youths. In addition, children in the audience played games and contests with prizes given by the orchestra.
“I play harmony instruments — the accordion, piano, guitar, and bass. I am pleased and happy about the performance today, I just want to show the best part of me,” enthusiastically stated Andrés David Rocha Quintero, a young performer who has been a member of the orchestra for six years.

As part of our commitment with cultural strengthening in the region, Cerrejón’s Department of Social Responsibility organizes music programs in which over 937 La Guajira children participate. “Beyond developing this youths’ talent, our goal is to strengthen values and principles, to make them better students and better people, a source of pride to their families, their municipality, and the whole department,” stated Mara Cabrera, an analyst in Cerrejón’s Department of Social Responsibility.

The Cerrejón Symphonic Orchestra was born nine years ago as a project to foster the creation and strengthening of values that can be acquired through music, such as discipline, empathy, and responsibility. The orchestra currently comprises 80 youth from all the different municipalities of La Guajira.

“Cerrejón’s commitment and social work is evident in this task of training children and forming them into an orchestra, as we saw. We truly congratulate the company and hope that these types of performances become more common so that the department’s scourges lessen and culture expands through the region,” expressed Rubén Magdaniel Pavón, director of culture for La Guajira.

The orchestra’s youth concluded their successful performance with the song “Colombia beloved land” (“Colombia tierra querida”) by composer Lucho Bermúdez, paying tribute to Colombia from the capital of La Guajira.
At Cerrejón, we forge partnerships with our children to strengthen their skills and abilities and to continue working towards progress and development in our region.