Albania, January 28 of 2020

A new jaguar visits the modified streambed of Bruno Creek

A young jaguar was spotted in the current streambed of Bruno Creek. The jaguar was identified by members of the company team in charge of the new streambed’s environmental stabilization.

“I was working with my teammates in the new creek bed when I saw the animal about 60 metres away. It was going up the slope and went into the forest. We walked over to where it had been and saw a track. We took a photo of it and it was confirmed to be a jaguar. It’s the first time I’ve seen one in this area; I’d seen one before around Cerro de Hatonuevo. It’s a good thing that they’ve returned. It means that what we’re doing here works. These animals need to be left alone, we mustn’t intercept them. It’s important that they be here.” These are the words of Rogelio Epiayu, an employee hailing originally from the community of Cerrejón 1. This is the third sighting of a jaguar in this area since the new streambed came into operation two years ago.

The animal’s presence confirms that Bruno Creek has ideal conditions to provide jaguars with shelter, water, food, and space. The creekbed’s good status is also confirmed by the results of the last monitoring of vegetation cover by the company Servicios Ambientales y Geográficos (SAG), which confirmed the presence of 5,588 trees, of which 1,185 sprouted naturally in the creekbed, thus demonstrating the recovery of seed-dispersal dynamics.

“The plant families in the current streambed are those of the most ecological importance for tropical dry forests. The trees identified, such as the algarrobillo (Prosopis affinis) and the sancoaraño (Bravaisia integerrima), are  characteristic of environments near bodies of water such as Bruno Creek. It is gratifying that a jaguar is present, and many other animals, but also that our comparative analyses show that the trees have an overall survival rate of 88%,” concluded Cerrejón employee Luis Madriñan, who leads the environmental stabilization for the creek.

As agreed to since the start of the La Puente project, Cerrejón will continue with the environmental stabilization and monitoring of the Bruno streambed in our commitment to being a partner for La Guajira’s development, stewardship and respect for the environment, generating well-being for our employees and their families, and having ongoing engagement with our communities.