April 15, 2016

Together, a team for La Guajira

Members of Cerrejón’s Corporate Volunteers spent two days handing out toys to 50 children in Media Luna and school kits to 105 students in the Satsapa community in a partnership with the Albania branch of the BBVA.

“These donations were sought out by request of members of the Volunteers. This is a BBVA national campaign and, in addition to finding the donations, we support Cerrejón’s volunteers in handing them out in the communities,” stated Zarella Márquez, manager of the Albania BBVA.

Cerrejón’s Corporate Volunteers is an initiative established in September of 2015 by the company and its collaborators.

Currently, 205 employees at the Mine, Puerto Bolívar, and Bogotá are part of the program, which has ten ongoing projects in the areas of education, water, environment, and business venture. One of these projects focuses on upgrading the educational infrastructure and conditions of the children in rural schools of the indigenous communities of Piturumana 2, Media Luna, and Satsapa.

“Our Volunteers seek to improve the quality of life of the communities neighbouring the operation and to involve our employees and contractors in the company’s social responsibility programs in La Guajira. It is impressive and incredibly satisfying to see the commitment with which the volunteers work to make these initiatives succeed,”states Ingrid Ballesteros, coordinator and member of Cerrejón’s Corporate Volunteers.