June 3, 2016

Cerrejón volunteers committed to the environment

To celebrate World Environment Day on June 5, a group of Cerrejón volunteers visited with 51 students at the Albania San Rafael School who are also part of the SENA’s vocational program in environmental management.

During the event, a talk was presented on the Conservation of Threatened Wildlife and Biodiversity, which is a central topic this year promoted by the United Nations in the fight against the illegal animal trade. The activity was headed by Luis Madriñán, an environmental management analyst and a biodiversity specialist at Cerrejón.

“These types of activities are very interesting for these students because they produce productive results and enrich their learning. We continue to forge partnerships to promote stewardship of the environment in our region,” declared Nellys Aragón, coordinator at the San Rafael School.

In addition, the students played games with the volunteers, imitating jaguars and deer and learning that poor practices affect the populations of these wild animals.

“These types of events are important in order to develop environmental awareness in the local population for the preservation and conservation of wildlife. We appeal to this generation through practical examples and games so the message is transmitted more easily and they always remember it,” commented Luis Madriñán.

La Guajira continues to lead Colombia in the highest rates of illegal wildlife trafficking, so the activities by the Cerrejón volunteers aim to have younger generations adopt good practices of environmental stewardship.

In June, the Cerrejón volunteers will continue partnering with La Guajira, carrying out this work in other schools and holding tree-planting days in Albania.