December 25, 2015

Cerrejón Volunteers Forge Alliances with La Guajira

The first challenge of the 42 Cerrejón volunteers at the community of Piturumana 2, located in the municipality of Albania, reflected unity and commitment.

The volunteers shared the design for the classroom, which they will build together with the community, and will also as dining room for children in the area. The Infrastructure team presented the blueprints to the Traditional Authorities and explained the layout of the area to build.

“The design of classroom respects Wayuu traditions and way of life and seeks to improve the academic conditions of the 46 children attending Piturumana 2 School”, said, Cerrejón Coordinator of Social Responsibility, Ingrid Ballesteros.

Meanwhile the Pedagogical team of employees, teachers from Albania School – FECEN and members of Mushaisa community carried out recreational and educational activities to stimulate development of children of this community.

“I feel very happy and excited to contribute to Piturumana 2 and give back to La Guajira. Is a valuable opportunity to share our time with indigenous communities, “said Cerrejón volunteer, Trinidad Londoño.

The Environment team joined for tree planting of native species accompanied the Department of Environmental Management.
“We are pleased with these activities being done by the volunteer group. We see that this is real and positive, so we are willing to work and put our reach, “said Ivan Joseph Curvelo, a member of the community of Piturumana 2.

Since the Corporate Volunteer Cerrejón is implemented, its members have been actively working on educational issues, environmental infrastructure and to run on each of the proposed challenges, teaming with La Guajira and contributing to the development of the region.