December 16, 2019

Yoe Arregoces, first magister of the Cerrejón Educational Assistance program

The leader of the resettled community of Roche, Yoe Jeferson Arregoces Ustate, became the first beneficiary of the Cerrejón Educational Assistance program to graduate from a master’s degree in Integrated Management System that will complement the knowledge acquired in his profession of health official.

“My greatest motivation is to work for the welfare and health of workers, which is closely linked to what I have done all my life as a community leader: transforming realities through my empowerment and determination,” said Arregoces.

He is proud that, like him, his children can also access higher education and comments that: “This is the result of the effort and result of the agreement between the community of Roche and Cerrejón as part of the compensation for the transfer of our site of origin to a new one. Obviously, our greatest desire is that both we and our children can access to it. Today my oldest son is in the eighth semester of a professional career thanks to this educational agreement.”

Arregoces is the number one Master graduate of the 11 students who have opted for a postgraduate program and, in addition, both he and his son are part of the more than 267 people who have accessed technical, technological, higher and advanced education of the Educational Assistance program between the resettled communities and Cerrejón, with the objective of promoting the improvement of their quality of life and access to better opportunities.

“I extend an invitation to all the young people in the communities, especially those who do not have children and have all the free time, to take advantage of the opportunity to study in the future to reap the fruits of their effort. Education is the way to move forward and progress as individuals and communities,” says the leader.

Now he dreams of being able to promote his own company, providing services in occupational safety and health, to link other members of his community and thus be able to generate development and progress for their families, communities and for La Guajira.