22 youth from the Papayal dance group participated in the 49th Festival of the Vallenata Legend

May 2 of 2016.


Many years ago, the women of Cesar ground corn while performing other household tasks, accompanied by music and dancing. Therefore, for the last 22 years, the Festival of the Vallenata Legend starts its schedule with the Piloneras Parade, an event showcasing dances, flowery dresses, traditional acc...

Making a team together for La Guajira

April 15, 2016.


Members of Cerrejón’s Corporate Volunteers spent two days handing out toys to 50 children in Media Luna and school kits to 105 students in the Satsapa community in a partnership with the Albania bran...

The almojábana: A Cuestecitas tradition

April 21 of 2016.


The almojábana is a delicious pastry based on corn, milk, cheese, and lemon. In the district of Cuestecitas, Albania, it is a long-held tradition.

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