Cerrejón respects the ruling of the Constitutional Court on the La Puente PIT Project

August 11 of 2017.


The Constitutional Court has decided to postpone the start of mining activity towards the natural course of Bruno Creek for a period of three months. In that time, a ruling will be issued on the application for the protection of constitutional rights ( tutela ) in which the communities of La Horque...

Since 2009, Cerrejón has considerably reduced the use of drinking water in its operations

1 de junio del 2017.


In our commitment to care for and conserve the region’s water resources, Cerrejón constantly works on developing initiatives aimed at responsible use through our Comprehensive Water Management. Conse...

Over 200 people in the indigenous community of Aulaulia now have access to water thanks to an engineering solution implemented by the Cerrejón Foundat

April 19 of 2017.


The Cerrejón Foundations System partnered with the Germany firm EnBW to address the problem of access to water in communities, especially those in rural areas. The designs for an efficient, low-cost ...

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