101 Media Luna residents trained and certified by the SENA in housing construction, table service, and operating fishing equipment and block and tackl

8 september, 2016.


Puerto Bolívar. One hundred and one people from 15 Media Luna communities were granted certification by the SENA (​the National Training Service) in housing construction, table service, and fishing equipment and block and tackle. In attendance were María Andrea Nieto, interim director general of th...

Cerrejón Reports

August 30 of 2016


Corpoguajira ordered a preventive measure that involves suspending transport and loading operations in Puerto Bolívar until a mitigation plan is set up and executed to increase control measures for p...

238 indigenous communities neighbouring the railway line benefited from the delivery of water storage tanks

25 august, 2016

Since a state of emergency was declared in 2014 due to the drought in the department of La Guajira, Cerrejón and our foundations system started distributing water tanks to address storage needs in 23...

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