Cerrejón rejects new threats to social leaders from La Guajira

27 January 2017.


Cerrejón rejects the recent threats against the life and dignity of leaders from La Guajira including Yelenka Gutiérrez, Laurina Gutiérrez, Brandon González, Matilde López, José Silva, Judith Rojas, Juan Kambar, Pablo Ojeda and Carlos Blanco. In the same way, Cerrejón had already expressed its cate...

A clean-up day was held for a clean, healthy Albania

January 2 of 2017.


In order to promote a healthy, clean environment, Cerrejón and the municipal administration of Albania joined forces to hold a clean-up day in the downtown area and in the park of Cuestecitas. This d...

More than 1,500 people from 15 Media Luna communities have benefitted from the repair works in the healthcare centre and the Kamüsüchiwo’u Ethno-Educa

December 29 of 2016.


As part of our engagement and commitment with the well-being of the communities neighbouring our operations, Cerrejón has identified damage and impacts to infrastructure in the healthcare centre and ...

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