Launch of Second Phase of Los Remedios Ecotourism Centre

October 21, 2014


A showcase of different touristic services, together with marketing of produces, crafts and folk activities aim at making of Los Remedios an ecotourism destination that expects providing sustainable benefits to near 70 families.

Cerrejón, an Ally of La Guajira Facing Drought

October 15, 2014


With the repair of windmills, refurbishing of jagüeyes and the Water Train; Cerrejón makes personnel and equipment available to contribute with the Drought Emergency Plan and find sustainable solution...

Natural Friend of La Guajira, Woumain Awards Ceremony

October 3, 2014


The development of operations in harmony with the environment and society is fundamental for the sustainability of La Guajira, the Woumain awards are a recognition Cerrejón gives to the environmental...

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